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    100 MB total combined size

    Drop your files here. 100 MB total combined size
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    • Convert your vector files for free online.

      Enjoy a fast and uncompromising conversion of your vector files. To get started, import your files and choose the desired output format. If needed, set advanced customization settings and start the conversion. In a few seconds, your files will be ready for download.

    • Confidentiality is our priority, your data is encrypted

      The import is done through a secure SSL connection, and your vector files are encrypted end-to-end with the AES-256 algorithm, ensuring the complete security and anonymity of your data. Once the conversion is complete, the stored files and their history are permanently deleted.

    • A climate-friendly converter that is committed to the environment.

      Go for an eco-friendly vector converter ! Convert your files while respecting the environment with eco-friendly practices such as using renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and promoting sustainability. Fast, safe, and environmentally friendly.

    How to convert vector file on Convertall ?

    By following these vector simple steps, you can convert your files with ease.

    • Import

      Click on the button to select the file you want to convert from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or URL.

    • Format

      Select the file format you want to convert your file into. Convertall supports the most popular vector formats.

    • Options

      You can customize the conversion options according to your needs, such as modifying the quality, etc.

    • Download

      Once the conversion is complete, you can download each file individually or all files in a compressed folder.

    Answers to all your questions

    Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions

    Are there any restrictions or limitations?
    You can import up to 20 vector files simultaneously with our converter, provided that each file does not exceed 50 MB and the total size of the files does not exceed 100 MB. If you want to import more files or larger files, please check out our paid offers.
    Are my files kept anonymous?
    We use AES-256 encryption to ensure the confidentiality of your vector files. Specifically, this encryption makes your files unreadable and inviolable. In addition, your data is stored only for the duration of the conversion before being permanently deleted.
    Can I import files from my drive?
    If you have a Google Drive or Dropbox account, you can import vector files directly on our page, process them, and save them in the cloud. This is the ideal and fastest method when using our site from your mobile device or tablet.
    What is the required system configuration?
    For proper operation of our services, it is recommended to use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Explorer +10, and Safari. If you experience problems with the download screen, we recommend configuring your browser in private browsing mode.

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