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    • How to convert a m4v file for free online

      With Convertall, you can easily convert m4v files to the preferred file extension of your choice. This conversion process is fast, maintains the quality of the files, and provides advanced customization options. Simply select one or multiple files, then specify the desired output format. In just a few moments, your files will be ready for download.

    • Don't worry about the confidentiality of your files

      We prioritize the security of your m4v files. To ensure this, we use a secure SSL connection during the import process, and we encrypt the files end-to-end on our servers using the AES-256 algorithm. After the conversion, no data or history is retained, guaranteeing complete confidentiality of your files.

    • The most environmentally friendly m4v converter that exists

      Choose an environmentally friendly file converter ! With our solution, you can convert your files in an eco-responsible manner by prioritizing environmentally friendly practices such as using renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and promoting sustainability. Our service is fast, secure, and eco-friendly.

    How to convert a m4v file on Convertall ?

    With these 4 simple steps, you can easily convert your files with ease

    • Import

      Import the files you want to convert from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or a remote URL.

    • Format

      Select the format of your choice for file conversion. Convertall supports the most commonly used formats such as m4v.

    • Options

      You can customize the conversion options according to your needs, such as modifying the quality, etc.

    • Download

      Once the conversion is complete, you can download each file individually or all the files in a compressed folder.

    Response to all your questions

    Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions

    How long does it take to convert a file ?
    The time required to convert a file depends on both its size and type. For example, audio and video files will take longer to convert than text documents due to their larger size and additional preprocessing required.
    Regarding the confidentiality of your files
    Your data is secured with AES-256 encryption, a widely recognized and robust algorithm used to protect sensitive data. This means that your files are made unreadable and invulnerable, ensuring their security and confidentiality.
    What are the limits not to exceed ?
    You can import up to 20 files, ensuring that each file does not exceed 50 MB and the total size of all files does not exceed 100 MB. If you wish to import more files without being limited by size, we encourage you to check out our paid offers.
    Do I need to install any software ?
    Convertall is a free online service that does not require any software installation. Whether you are using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you simply need to visit the website and choose the {{ category }} files you want to import. Everything happens online without the need for any software installation.

    Supported conversion formats

    Convert from M4V Rating Votes
    M4V to AAC
    859 votes
    M4V to AC3
    829 votes
    M4V to ADTS
    699 votes
    M4V to ADX
    898 votes
    M4V to AFC
    826 votes
    M4V to AIFF
    754 votes
    M4V to ASF
    164 votes
    M4V to AU
    133 votes
    M4V to AVI
    551 votes
    M4V to CAF
    558 votes
    M4V to EAC3
    702 votes
    M4V to F4V
    284 votes
    M4V to FLAC
    518 votes
    M4V to FLV
    163 votes
    M4V to G722
    815 votes
    M4V to GIF
    507 votes
    M4V to HEVC
    149 votes
    M4V to IRCAM
    999 votes
    M4V to IVF
    799 votes
    M4V to LATM
    226 votes
    M4V to LOAS
    265 votes
    M4V to M4A
    193 votes
    M4V to M4V
    337 votes
    Convert from M4V Rating Votes
    M4V to MJPEG
    860 votes
    M4V to MKV
    969 votes
    M4V to MOV
    264 votes
    M4V to MP2
    115 votes
    M4V to MP3
    353 votes
    M4V to MP4
    890 votes
    M4V to MXF
    721 votes
    M4V to NUT
    27 votes
    M4V to OGA
    167 votes
    M4V to OGG
    701 votes
    M4V to OGV
    237 votes
    M4V to OPUS
    513 votes
    M4V to SPX
    488 votes
    M4V to TTA
    921 votes
    M4V to VOB
    288 votes
    M4V to VOC
    701 votes
    M4V to WAV
    165 votes
    M4V to WEBM
    687 votes
    M4V to WEBP
    790 votes
    M4V to WMA
    76 votes
    M4V to WTV
    14 votes
    M4V to WV
    66 votes

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